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Garraboo District Operation Nighthawk Venturer's Activities



     You have 10 minutes to design a slogan and a motto for
     the Venturer section using natural materals for the
     construction and colouring of your work. 
                         NO INK OR PENCIL.
                  Leadership       20 max
                  Teamwork         20 max
                  Initiative       20 max
                  Artistic Quality 20 max
         This checkpoint is worth a total of 80 points.
     There will be NO extension to the 10 minutes time limit.


     While on an expedition you have lost all your equipment.
     Looking around the area you find these items
     1 Paper Bag           Water
     1 Orange              String
     2 Eggs                
     You have to boil water in the paper bag and cook the
     eggs in the orange.
     The fire is already alight, if you put the fire out
     during the activity you will lose 50% of your marks.
             Leadership   10 max per activity]
             Teamwork     10 max per activity] Total 80 marks
             Initiative   10 max per activity] possible
             Safety       10 max per activity]
             Water boiled 10 max
             Eggs Cooked  10 max
     Time limit 10 minutes. NO EXTENSIONS.
     Marks for this Checkpoint are out of 100


     In the activity at this checkpoint you have to
     produce a trap designed to catch a small animal or bird
     without hurting it. Using what you can find around the
     checkpoint but not in the tent.
               Leadership       max 25
               Teamwork         max 25
               Initiative       max 25
               Safety           max 25
     Marks for this checkpoint will be out of a maximum of 100.
     Time limit 10 minutes NO LONGER.


    Checkpoint Activity:
     Team checks in, we ask for leader's name and team No.
     meanwhile a very irate farmer (landowner) arrives on
     the scene and starts accusing team members of
     misconduct. He supposedly has observed (eg. leaving
     gate open, disturbing his prize livestock, water left
     running on his tank at house, a lit cigarette thrown on
     dry grass) or anything else appropriate to the nighthawk
     Look for initial behaviour, recovery and Venturer and
     team approach and reaction.
     Behaviour   20 marks;
     See if Venturers or Team is aggressive to accusation
     or are looking to peace making settlement.
     Leadership  40 marks;
     Taking control of the situation and team. Team working
     together under leadership or not.
     Initiative  40 marks;
     To see if they can in fact regain control.
     Time limit 10 minutes NO MORE
     Max marks for checkpoint 100 points.


     You are to use these newspapers to make up the Scout
     Law & Scout Promise. You can use whole words or letters.
                  1/2 mark per word   max 46
                  Teamwork            max 18
                  Initiative          max 18
                  Neatness            max 18
     This checkpoint is worth a possible 100 marks.
     Time limit is 10 minutes NOT 1 MINUTE MORE!


     The scene is this:
     There has been a car accident, where the car has hit a
     power pole causing the wires to fall onto the car.
     The driver is trapped inside the car.
     You have to effect a rescue of the driver.
     [If any Venturer touches the wire they are no longer
     part of this checkpoint as they would have died.]

                  Leadership      30 max
                  Teamwork        30 max
                  Initiative      30 max
                  Treatment       30 max
           Time limit 10 minutes with NO EXTENSIONS.
         This checkpoint has a maximum of 120 points.



      To secure patient with appropriate first aid, construct stretcher 
      and transport to another area.  (Patient has fallen and broken a 


      12 triangular bandages
      Splints - 75 mm x 1500 mm 3-ply timber
      Box of magazines (People or Post Type)
      2 x Poles - 65 mm diameter x 2400 mm (Ridge Poles)

      Venturer Sub-committee to provide above equipment.


      Ten (10) minutes for the activity and a total of 15 minutes at 
      the checkpoint.
                       SCORE SHEET
                         FIRST AID       Maximum Score      100
         TEAM NO......                   Correct Knots       10  ....
                                         Correct Bandaging   20  ....
                                         Shock Treatment     20  ....
                                         Help Summoned       10  ....
                                     Stretcher Construction  10  ....
                                         Initiative          10  ....
                                         Teamwork            10  ....
                                         Leadership          10  ....

                                              TOTAL SCORE    ........



      To construct a bridge so that all the Team can cross a stream three 
      metres wide without getting wet.


      The Checkpoint personnel will have already set up two ropes one 
      metre apart set high enough so as not to touch the ground when a 
      team leader puts his/her weight on them. A stream three metres wide 
      will also have been marked out on the ground beneath the ropes.

      Other equipment needed will be:
              Four (4) large tree branch hooks (see diagram) about 65 mm 
              in diameter and about 1400 mm long
              Three (3) poles 80 mm in diameter and 3000 mm long
              Four (4) 2.5 m lashings


      First make "A" frames out of branch hooks. Then lash one pole 
      (footing pole) to one "A" frame, hook this "A" frame onto the ropes 
      (handrails) and push it out with footing pole. Hook the second "A" 
      frame onto the handrails and lash the footing pole onto this "A" 
      frame. Drop in "on ramp" pole. First member crosses and drops in 
      "off ramp" pole.


      Ten (10) minutes for the activity and a total of 15 minutes at 
      the checkpoint.



PIONEERING Maximum Score 100 TEAM NO. ..... Correct Lashing 20 .... Success in Lashing 20 .... Initiative 20 .... Teamwork 20 .... Leadership 20 .... TOTAL SCORE ........